Why Radio?



Radio is #1 in terms of reach and frequency in the market

Radio One can increase market exposure in Southern Minnesota

Radio reaches more customers before they make that crucial buying decision

Radio is everywhere…. in your home, in your car and with you at work

Radio’s effective cost structure allows ad dollars to work efficiently

1. Radio Gets Results
2. Can sell any product, any store, any service… anything.
3. Can Position or reposition companies, brands and even politicians.
4. Is No. 1 in cost efficiency.
5. Is the only advertising medium, advertisers can afford to ‘dominate’.
6. Can be subsidized by co-op and vendor promotion monies.
7. Can build exposure, awareness, interest, comprehension, conviction, and desire.
8. Can create, as advertising No. 1 sales promotional medium, a sense of ‘urgency for promotional events and sales
9. Offers unique sponsorship opportunities.
10.Is advertisings No. 1 ‘Effective Frequency’ medium.
11. Can target any demo, selling consumers at every income and price point level.
12. Reaches ‘lifestyles’, ethnicities and subcultures difficult to reach via other ad mediums.
13. Is the only advertising medium that goes wherever the consumer goes (Radio’s Exclusive Strength)!
14. Is the consumers No. 1 companion during regular business hours.
15. Provides advertisers that ‘last word’ with consumers before a purchase.
16. Is the one-to-one ‘personal communication’ medium, capable of shooting ‘mental pictures’ faster than a digital camera.
17. Is intrusive and allows your message to stand alone.
18. Is No. 1 in reaching ‘light’ newspaper readers and TV Viewers.
19. Radio websites represent advertising only ‘multimedia medium’. (Need a picture..can do)
20. Delivers coverage where it counts.
21. Sells 24/7, and unlike TV, it is not ‘seasonal’.
22. Is No. 1 for tapping into late-breaking news stories.
23. Production is inexpensive. ( Normally at no-charge.)
24. Copy can be changed quickly.