Twins Talk by Gordy Jones
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      The weather during John Gordon’s final Touch ’Em All golf outing was perfect, and so was the company. Kent Hrbek, Tony Oliva, Bert Blyleven, Frank Quilici, Dave St. Peter, Ron Coomer, Paul Molitor, Dick …

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    16 Sep 11
  • The Twins need Justin and Joe to be healthy to be successful.

    With the Twins out of contention, it’s time to begin preparations for next year. Or is it? It seems simple enough, but when you look at this broken-down team, there are too many question marks …

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    09 Sep 11
  • IMG_0022

    I overheard a Twins fan talking to his friend the other day. They looked as though they were discussing a serious family matter, or maybe even a death.

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    01 Sep 11