Hometown Hero Complete List


KNUJ Hometown Hero program began in 2009 and continues strong today. Congratulations to all our past Hometown Heroes for all their great contributions to our surrounding communities!

October – Kevin Yager,New Ulm
November – Dawn Hendricksen, Truman
December – Jamie Ide, Arlington
January – Kevin & Kathy Finstad, New Ulm
February – Deb Hadley, Sleepy Eye
March – Bob Buessman, New Ulm
April – Marge Kloeckel, Arlington
May – Marlyn Zetah, New Ulm
June – Dorothy Hedberg, St James
July – Deb Roiger, New Ulm
August – John Rosenhammer, Sleepy Eye
September – Ellery Peterson, St. Peter

October – Jeri Odenthal, Arlington
November – Shari Hittesdorf, Sleepy Eye
December – Wendy Kube, Arlington and Ryan, Devin and Liam Kelly, New Ulm
January – Pat Mead, Nicollet
February – Tom Suess, St. James
March – Duke Cook, Comfrey
April – Charles & Jean Grimm, Stewart
May – Al Drexler, New Ulm
June – Jean Bruton, St. James
July – Sherri Kaufmann, Gaylord
August – John Apitz, New Ulm
September – Charles Korsmo, Fairfax

October – Myrtle Gieseke, New Ulm
November – Ashley Mendelhall, Truman
December – Ron Degner, Franklin
January – Glen & Carol Setterholm, New Ulm
February – Stan Bouskek, Redwood Falls
March – Daniel Havemeier, Sleepy Eye
April – Pete Eggen, St. James
May – Lois Sveine, New Ulm
June – Amy Broring, Courtland
July – Allyson Blickem, New Ulm
August – Kay Schumacher, Arlington
September – Myron ‘Whitey’ Helget, Sleepy Eye

2012- 13
October – Nick Rients, Comfrey and Stetson Shoen, Springfield
November – Doris Brandt Wigand, Henderson
December – Rick Maurer, Morgan
January – Betty Rausch, New Ulm
February – Wally Schmiesing, Hanska
March – Betty Maidl, Lafayette
April – Marvin Stueber, New Ulm
May – Sharon Gieseke, New Ulm
June -Casey Eckstein, New Ulm
July – Carl Wyczawski, New Ulm
August – Cleo Erickson, St. James
September – Nancy and Richard Helgeson, St. Peter

October – Traci Henry, Madelia
November – Marion Edgar, St. James
December – Mary Elllen Schanus, New Ulm
January – Talia McCorquodale, Franklin
February – Rick Mages, Sleepy Eye
March – Lisa Schweiss, Fairfax
April – Judy Loewe, Henderson
May – Travis Schroedl, Fairfax & Jake Kindt, Hector
June – Connie Lingl, New Ulm
July – Richard Hellendrung, Fairfax
August – Bert Marth, New Ulm
September – Tony Weber, Gibbon

October – Heather Hoffmann, Sleepy Eye
November – Denny Warta, New Ulm
December – Mark Dick, Lafayette
January – Shawn Jakes, New Ulm
February – Bob Scharbert, Courtland
March – Joan Blank, Nicollet
April – Terry Sveine, New Ulm
May – Tom Frederick Jr, Mankato
June – Kevin Kramer, Nicollet and Lucas Paahk, Nicollet
July – Isaac and Jackson Huiras, Sleepy Eye
August -  Olivia Jacobsen, Mankato
September – Mark Dauer, New Ulm

October – Officer Dallas Stadick, St. James
November – Bruce Fenske, New Ulm
December – T.J. Brown, Springfield
January – Pat Woratschka, New Ulm
February – Eileen Brandt, Henderson
March – Susan Fix, New Ulm
April – Sharon Sturm, Springfield
May – Joe Maidl, Lafayette
June – Felicia Brockoff, Arlington
July – Gerald Mulder, Renville
August – Natalie Bianchi, New Ulm
September – Scot Kuester, Winthrop

October – Jim Neid, St. James
November – Brian Longtin, Glenn Howell, Jeremy Holm and Bennett Carlson; of Boy Scout Troup 25
December – Dennis and Lucy Potter, Springfield
January – Nathan Stoffel, Cleveland
February – Carrie Haugen of Courtland and Tracy Berg of New Ulm
March – Officer Kenny Peterson, Brownton
April – Liana Blomgren, Butterfield
May – Stephanie Olson, Fairfax
June -  Dr. Ann Vogel, New Ulm
July – Jeff Krueger, Springfield
August – Joe McCabe, St. James
September – Michael McLaughlin, Mankato