Senior Honor Student Interviews

The following students will be recognized as Senior Honor Students on KNUJ AM 860. Tune in at the respective times to hear what our seniors plan to do with their future and for their thoughts and reflections on their school years.

To listen to interviews, click here.


Monday, April 21           Butterfield/Odin

3:40 pm           Miranda Thurston

4:45 pm           Aaron Wollschlager


Tuesday, April 22           Cedar Mountain

3:40 pm           Drew Pederson and Sierra Dehncke

4:45 pm           Dakota Harmoning


Wednesday, April 23           Glencoe/Silver Lake

3:40 pm           Emily Popelka

5:15 pm           Joshua VonBerge


Friday, April 25           Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial

3:40 pm           Melissa Winch

5:15 pm           Adam Petterson


Monday, April 28           Sibley East

3:40 pm           Benjamin White

5:15 pm           Maran Miner


Tuesday, April 29           St. Peter

3:40 pm           Carolyn Conlon

5:15 pm           Matthew Huber


Wednesday, April 30           Comfrey

3:40 pm           Karliana Kelly

5:15 pm           Rebecca Lang


Friday, May 2              Red Rock Central

3:40 pm           Katelyn Hagan

5:15 pm           Cassandra Erickson


Monday, May 5              Truman

3:40 pm           Alexis Jahnz

4:45 pm           Emily Zaharia


Tuesday, May 6              Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s

3:40 pm           Bryant Mages
5:15 pm           Alexa Weiss


Wednesday, May 7              GFW

3:40 pm           Micah Schwecke & Brandon Albrecht

5:15 pm           Brianna Holmquist


Thursday, May 8              LeSueur/Henderson

3:40 pm           Tom Schwarz

4:45 pm           Katharine Chadwick


Friday, May 9              Mountain Lake

3:40 pm           Jordan Syverson

5:15 pm           Christian Pfeiffer


Monday,  May 12            Wabasso

3:40 pm           Callie Rohlik

5:15 pm           Jenna Hendricksen


Tuesday, May 13            Westbrook/Walnut Grove

3:40 pm           Pakou Vue

5:15 pm           Trey Kockelman


Wednesday,  May 14            New Ulm Cathedral

3:40 pm           Abby Hauser

5:15 pm           Kristin Mohr

Thursday, May 15            BOLD

3:40 pm           Bailey Elbert

4:45 pm           Carly Sigurdson

Friday, May 16            New Ulm

3:40 pm           Rachel Strandmark

4:45 pm           Blake Piotter

Saturday, May 17                  Madelia

1:15pm              Taylor Thomas

2:15pm              Josseline Lopez

Monday, May 19              Sleepy Eye

3:40pm            Sam Hirschboeck

5:15pm             Miranda McMullen

Tuesday, May 20                  Nicollet

3:40pm            Julia Gieger

5:15pm            Christine Engel

Wednesday, May 21                   St. James

3:40pm             Acacia Foss

5:15pm              Simon Beck

Friday, May 23                       MVL

3:40pm               Nicole Moldstad

5:15pm               Nick Jones

Tuesday, May 27                         Buffalo Lake/Hector/Stewart

3:40pm               Rebecca Ebbers

4:$5pm              Madison Ludowese

Wednesday, May 28                            Central  Norwood Young America

3:40pm              Laura McGee

5:15pm               Jon Braunwarth

Thursday, May 29                              Belle Plaine

3:40pm             Megan Schmidt

4:45pm             Jake Hartmann