Senior Honor Student Interviews

The following students will be recognized as Senior Honor Students on KNUJ AM 860. Tune in at the respective times to hear what our seniors plan to do with their future and for their thoughts and reflections on their school years.

Senior Honor Student Interview Schedule For 2015

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Monday, April 27

Cedar Mountain

3:40 pm- Andrea Ochs

5:15 pm- Haidee Wersal


Tuesday, April 28

Buffalo Lake Hector Stewart

3:40 pm- Ashley Petersen

4:45 pm- Ashley Tintes


Wednesday, April 29

Lesueur Henderson

3:40 pm- Erica Redmann

5:15 pm- Shane Boehne


Thursday, April 30

New Ulm

3:40 pm- Emily Grob

5:15 pm- Emma Todd


Friday, May 1

Westbrook Walnut Grove

3:40 pm- Kaylee Mischke

4:15 pm- Zuag Paj Her



Monday, May 4

Central-Norwood Young America

3:40 pm- Names Coming

4:45 pm


Tuesday, May 5

Red Rock Central

3:40 pm- Erica Rogotzke and Carter Engen

5:15 pm- Thomas Blomgren


Wednesday, May 6


3:40 pm-Seth Tersteeg

5:15 pm-Lane Stadther


Thursday, May 7

Sleepy Eye

3:40 pm- Matt Miller

5:15 pm- Corrine Helget


Friday, May 8


3:40 pm- Stephanie Jahnz

5:15 pm- Cierra Drevlow


Saturday, May 9

St. Peter

1:45 pm- Martha Stelter

2:15 pm- Brett Zallek



Monday, May 11

Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s

3:40 pm- Sabrina Portner

5:15 pm- Rebecca(Becca) Schmitz



Tuesday, May 12


3:40 pm- Jacob Samuelson

5:15 pm- Zachary Kelly



Wednesday, May 13

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial

3:40 pm- Mark Jacobs

5:15 pm- Madison Pierson



Thursday, May 14

Sibley East

3:40 pm- Jonah Butler

5:15 pm- Megan Elseth



Friday, May 15

St. James

3:40 pm-Thor Hernderson

4:45 pm- Elizabeth Reckow



Monday, May 18


3:40 pm Names Coming

5:15 pm



Tuesday, May 19


3:40 pm- Melody Colon

5:15 pm- Merlin Lopez


Wednesday, May 20


3:40 pm- Joshua Altermatt

5:15 pm- Angie Paskewitz


Thursday, May 21

New Ulm Cathedral

3:40 pm- Anne Schwarz

4:45 pm- Ellen Roufs


Friday, May 22


3:40 pm- Cassie Juberien

5:15 pm- Jay Hendrycks



Times could change due to Sports Schedule changes…More To Come…..