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Johanna’s Recipe for the Day

  • special k bars1

    1 cup sugar1 cup corn syrup1-1/2 cup peanut butter5 cups Special K cereal1/2 cup chocolate chips1/2 cup butterscotch chips Combine sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan; bring to a boil. Add peanut butter and …

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    07 Sep 12
  • spinach dip

    1 – 10oz pkg frozen, chopped spinach, thawed1 envelope dry vegetable soup mix1 cup sour cream1 cup mayonnaise3 small green onions, chopped finely Drain spinach well; combine with ingredients in a bowl. Mix well. Chill …

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    06 Sep 12
  • B-B-Q_Meatballs

    Mix together and shape into meatballs:1 lb hamburger1/2 cup bread crumbs1 egg1/2 cup milksalt and pepper Mix together and pour over meatballs in a baking dish:2 tbsp brown sugar1 tbsp dry mustard1/4 cup vinegar1/2 cup …

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    05 Sep 12
  • 7 layer taco dip

    2 cans jalapeno bean dip1 layer guacamole1 cup sour cream1/2 cup mayonnaise1 pkg taco seasoning3 chopped tomatoes1 bunch chopped green onions1 can chopped ripe olives2 cups shredded cheddar cheese Mix together sour cream, mayonnaise and …

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    04 Sep 12
  • football tailgate sandwiches

    12 fresh sandwich rolls Mix together:fresh garlic, to taste1 tbsp poppy seeds1 tbsp minced onions 24 slices shaved ham or turkey Slice rolls and brush inside of both sides with melted butter mixture. Place 2 …

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    04 Sep 12
  • layer lettuce salad

    1 head lettuce, chopped1 cup celery, finely diced10oz pkg peas4 boiled eggs, chopped1 medium onion, chopped8 slices crisp-cooked bacon2 tbsp sugar2 cups mayonnaisegrated cheddar cheese Layer ingredients in order given. Combine sugar and mayonnaise. Spread …

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    31 Aug 12
  • green bean casserole w corn flakes

    2 tbsp butter2 tbsp flour1/2 tsp salt1/4 tsp pepper1 tbsp sugar1 tbsp grated onion1 cup sour cream1 lb fresh green beans, sliced and cooked1/2 lb Swiss cheese, grated1 cup slightly crushed Corn Flakes2 tbsp melted …

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    30 Aug 12
  • cucumber tomato salsa

    2 large cucumbers, de-seeded and chopped6 plum tomatoes, de-seeded and chopped1 medium red onion, chopped2 tablespoons cilantro1 packet of Ranch dressing powder1/4 cup rice wine1/4 cup rice vinegar Mix together and serve with chips. May …

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    29 Aug 12