October Theme Recipe Show Pumpkin and Sauerkraut Recipes

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Johanna’s Recipe for the Day

  • taco hotdish

    1 lb hamburger1 onion, chopped1 – 8oz can tomato sauce1 pkg dry taco mix1 – 8oz bag Doritos1 – 12oz carton cottage cheese1 – 8oz carton sour cream2 cups shredded Monterey Jacl cheese2 cups shredded …

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    16 May 13
  • beef-stroganoff-l

    1 lb beef steak2 tsp flour3 tablespoons flour1 small onion, chopped1 lb mushrooms1/2 cup beef broth1 tablespoon mustard1/4 cup cream1/2 cup sour cream2 tablespoons minced Sear meat on all sides and remove. In a skillet, …

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    15 May 13
  • beef and potato casserole

    1 lb ground beef1 chopped onion1 can cream of mushroom soup1/4 cup water, mixed in with soupsalt and pepper3-4 medium potatoes, thinly sliced Brown ground beef, salt, pepper and onions. Drain. Cover bottom of casserole …

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    14 May 13
  • chili_cheese_dip_medium

    1 lb ground beef1 pkg taco seasoning1 jar taco sauce1 can refried beans1 lb sour cream2 cups shredded cheddar cheese Brown and drain the ground beef. Add taco seasoning, sauce and the refried beans. Simmer …

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    13 May 13
  • Beef, Mushroom, and Broccoli Stir Fry 004

    2 lbs stew meat2 tsp flour2 tsp soy sauce2 cloves garlic2 tablespoons vegetable oil4 cups broccoli2oz mushrooms1/3 cup beef broth Combine flour and soy sauce in bowl and mix well. Stir fry garlic in oil …

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    10 May 13
  • shredded-beef-tacos

    1 beef roast1-2 cans minced chile peppers1 can minced jalapenoswater or beef stock1 bag shredded cheesecorn or floured tortillas In crockpot, add beef roast, chiles, jalapenos, water or beef stock. Cook for approximately 8 hours …

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    09 May 13
  • hamburger rice hotdish

    1 lb ground beef2 medium onions2 cups diced celery1 cup uncooked rice1 can cream of mushroom soup2 cups boiling water1/8 cup soy sauce Brown meat, onions and celery. Pour boiling water over rice. Mix soup …

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    08 May 13
  • baked round stead

    2 lbs round steak1/4 lb butter1 envelope dry onion soup mix1 – 4oz can mushrooms and juice Cut meat in serving pieces and put in 9×13 inch pan. Spread butter on meat. Add mushrooms and …

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    07 May 13