American Education Week Education Focus November 11-17, 2012

American Education Week, November 11-17, 2012

KNUJ will broadcast special interviews with school administrators, teachers and students during American Education Week. Tune in at the respective times to hear about our featured schools: Nicollet, Wabasso, GFW and Sibley East.

Tuesday, November 13 - Nicollet, 10:25am; 1:42pm; 2:12pm; 3:40pm
Wednesday, November 14 – Wabasso, 10:25am; 1:42pm; 2:12pm; 3:40pm
Thursday, November 15 – GFW, 10:25am; 1:40pm; 2:12pm; 3:40pm
Friday, November 16 - Sibley East, 10:25am; 1:40pm; 2:12pm; 2:50pm

Wabasso Education Focus 2012
Nicollet Education Focus 2012
GFW Education Focus 2012
Sibley East Education Focus 2012