30th Bock Fest 2016 – “Thirsty Thirty” Bock Promo Events


 Thirsty Thirty Events

were held at the businesses listed below and was sponsored by the August Schell Brewing Company
and KNUJ AM 860/SAM 107.3 FM. Events lead up to BockFest on Feb. 6.

–B & L Bar, Mowan’s, Kegal Klub
 Rodney’s, Smiley’s, Pub & Patio and  New Ulm Country Club–

Schell’s Beer specials, games, prizes and contests were held and fourteen keys were given away for access to the
V.I.P.  Porta Potty at Bockfest at Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm

New Ulm Country Club Finale

Pub & Patio






Kegal Klub

 Mowan’s Bar


 B & L Bar