2017 Halloween Contest Halloween Contest KNUJ SAM 107.3

KNUJ’s Halloween Contest!

Enter KNUJ and SAM 107.3 website Halloween Costume Contest for your chance to win gift certificates from Green Mill. First place $50, second place $30 and third place $20. This contest is open to adults, kids, pets, families and will be judged by a KNUJ committee.

Submit your photos from October 25 to November 9 by dropping them off, mailing them to 317 North Minnesota or email knuj@knuj.net. Winners will be announced on November 10.


In the kids category: Easy Mac & Cheese submited by Denise Johnson; Mouse in a trap pictured with her mom and dad submitted by Britta Walden and Jelly Fish Madie Henry. Each of the children won unlimited ride tickets to Nickelodeon Amusement Park in the Mall of America

Adult Category: First place for a $50 Green Mill Gift Card was Throwback Nurse Sarah submitted by Rachal Evers
Second place for a $30 Green Mill Gift Card is the Addams Family submited by Jan Schwarzrock
Third place for a $20 Green Mill Gift Card is Lunch Ladies submitted by Brenda Hoffmann.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!

Because of a website problem all entrants are visible on our KNUJ FACEBOOK page