Shopping with Laura Ingalls at the Harkin Store 21 Jul 14
When: Back to Calendar » July 27, 2014 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Categories: Community Events

On your way to the Little House on the Prairie reunion at Walnut Grove on Sunday, July 27, stop in at the Harkin Store and see what Laura and her family would have purchased at the Oleson Mercantile. This will be taking place from 1-4pm on Sunday.

The Harkin Store, which was open during the 1870′s when Laura lived in Walnut Grove, has 40% original merchandise still on the shelves. A costumed tour of the store and story of the unique bit of history told. Enjoy old-fashioned homemade egg coffee, lemonade and samples of store goods. Extra checker boards will be available for you to challenge your friends and family.

The store is located nine miles northwest of New Ulm on Nicollet County Road 21 or the bottom road or nine miles east of Fort Ridgely. For more information, call the Harkin Store at 507-354-8666 or Nicollet County at 507-934-2160.