86th Annual National Convention FFA Convention Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2013, Louisville, Kentucky


These chapters will be covered on KNUJ AM 860 and on-air broadcast times are listed next to each school. Click on the school name to view podcasts, images and sponsors.

Belle Plaine   Friday, November 1, 9:52am
Buffalo Lake/Hector/Stewart  Thursdsay, November 7, 2:15pm
BOLD  Wednesday, November 6, 2:15pm
Cedar Mountain  Thursday November 14, 10:25am; 2:12pm
Central  Saturday, November 2, 4:15pm
Fairmont  Monday, November 4, 1:15pm
GFW  Friday, November 1, 1:42pm – Monday, November 4, 10:25am; 2:15pm
Glencoe/Silver Lake  Thursday, November 7, 10:25am
LCWM  Thursday, November 7, 2:48pm; Friday, November 8, 9:52am
Madelia  Thursday, November 14, 1:42pm; 2:42pm
Martin County West  Tuesday, November 5, 1:48pm
Mountain Lake/Butterfield/Odin  Saturday, November 2, 4:45pm
New Ulm  Friday, November 1, 10:25am; 5:15pm – Saturday, Nov. 2, 8:52am – Monday, November 4, 9:52am; 3:42pm
Nicollet  Thursday, October 31, 2:48pm; 3:42pm
Norwood Young America  
Red Rock Central  Wednesday, November 6, 2:48pm
Redwood Valley  
St. James  
Sibley East    Thursday, October 31, 1:15pm; 2:15pm
Sleepy Eye  Tuesday, November 5, 10:25am; 3:42pm – Wednesday, November 6, 1:15pm – Friday, November 8, 10:25am
South Central Academy  Tuesday, November 5, 1:15pm
St. Peter  
Springfield  Monday, November 4, 2:42pm – Tuesday, November 5, 9:52am – Wednesday, November 6, 10:25am – Thursday, November 7, 1:48pm
Tracy/Milroy/Balaton  Friday, November 8, 1:15pm
Truman  Thursday, October 31, 5:15pm
Westbrook/Walnut Grove  Wednesday, November 6, 3:42pm
Miscellaneous  Monday, November 4, 1:42pm – Tuesday, November 5, 2:15pm – Wednesday, November 6, 1:48pm – Thursday, November 7, 1:15pm – Thursday, November 7, 3:42pm – Friday, November 8, 9:52am – Friday, November 8, 1:48pm



KNUJ’s FFA Broadcast crew of Larry Baumgardt, left, and Jim Bartels bring years of broadcast and FFA expertise to the airwaves each year from both the National and State FFA Conventions.