Palmer Amaranth found in Redwood County field 01 Oct 18

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture in collaboration with University of Minnesota Extension has confirmed a new Palmer amaranth infestation in a soybean field in Redwood County. This is the first time that Palmer Amaranth has been found in a soybean field in Minnesota. The MDA is not sure how the Palmer Amaranth got into the field, but they are working with the grower and neighboring farms. The MDA’s head of Noxious Weed Program, Tony Cortilet says that they found 4 plants, 3 male and one female, luckily the female plant hadn’t flowered yet, as a single Palmer Amaranth plant can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds. Cortilet said that the plants were also isolated so they were able to hand-pull and destroy them.
Cortilet said that there are various resources on the MDA website that can help you identify the plant, if you suspect that a Palmer Amaranth plant is in your field, you should contact them and they can come look at it, or it can be as simple as emailing them a picture. The plant can grow 2-3 inches a day and is resistant to multiple herbicides, causing substantial yield losses, so the earlier it can be identified, the better.