Hanska man charged with 1st degree damage to property 01 Sep 18

A Hanska man has been charged with 1st Degree Damage to Property. The Brown County Sheriff’s Office received a call on July 6th from the defendant, 61-year-old Scott Pieper, that a Nissan Altima was blocking the exit of his garage. The Sheriff’s Department contacted the victim to move the car, but later on in the day received a call from the victim that his car had been damaged. The report says that the sunroof was damaged, dents from a round object were evident and the mirrors were broken. When the deputy asked Pieper about the damage, he said that he damaged the car because it still hadn’t been moved. When taken to the scene of the crime Pieper told the deputy a tree branch had fallen on the vehicle and he didn’t know anything about the broken mirrors but later confessed to hitting the car with a hammer after being informed that neighbors heard the banging. The total cost of repairs to the vehicle was over $7,000.