Springfield Mayo Clinic Health Systems currently exploring options 10 Jul 18

Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Springfield is currently staffed by 2 physicians, Dr. Nylander and Dr. White, as well as 5 advance practice nurses. At the current time, Mayo Clinic Health Systems Vice President Dr. Hebl says those individuals cover both the hospital practice as well as the clinic practice and the Lamberton Clinic and nursing home. There is also surgeon, Dr. LeRoy Hodges who is a general surgeion from the Fairmont Mayo Clinic Health Systems. In the past few weeks, Dr. Nylander and Dr. Hodges have resigned leaving a single physician. Dr. Hebl says some of the options being discussed include an outpatient only clinic while maintaining emergency room services and services to the Lamberton Clinic and the Lamberton nursing  home. Another option may be to go with a nurse practitioner, which has been used all over the U.S. and physcians would be remote. Dr. Hebl said no firm decisions will be made until Mid-August.