Area roads remain closed due to flooding 07 Jul 18

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has issued reports on roads that have reopened, but in the meantime more are being closed. Highway 68 southeast of New Ulm near Courtland was closed July 1st following a mudslide. Crews removed mud, debris and trees from both lanes and stablizied the hillside and reopened the highway Friday. MnDOT also opened the bridge on Highway 71 over the Cottonwood River near Sanborn. The bridge was closed Wednesday due to flooding of the Cottonwood River. However,  Highway 62 between County Highway 18 near Wilder and Highway 71 the road is closed due to flooding and a detour is in operation. Also Highway 19 between North 4th Street and Henderson Station Road in Henderson is closed due to flooding. Locally,  Highway 13 near the Beussman Bridge and Cottonwood Street in New Ulm are both closed due to rising river levels.