Video tip leads St. James Police to arrest a man 21 Jun 18

A video tip helped St. James Police arrest a man after an incident involving a BB gun took place in St. James. According to the criminal complaint, a victim was taking her children out of her car at her residence and heard a noise behind her that sounded like a BB gun shooting. She saw a truck with a distinctive paint job drive past her and recognized the driver as Victor Anthony Cruz. The victim saw Cruz holding a handgun and it was pointed at her. An officer located the truck and Cruz was in the driver’s seat. He allowed the officer to search the vehicle but no weapon was found. A shot time later the officer received a tip of a video of the firearm in the truck. The officer watched the video that shows his squad car leaving the scene and then shows a firearm in the compartment under the center consle of the truck. The officer sarched the truck again and found the black XBG 4.5 millimeter BB gun. He also located marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Cruz was arrested and charged with felony 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon, one gross misdemeamor county of carrying an assault weapon in a public place and multiple other misdemeanor charges.