Broken Drain is lowering the level of Swan Lake 09 May 18

Since last week, visitors to the north side of Swan Lake west of Silver Lake have been warned to avoid the area near the boat landing as an eddy was created as the lake began to drain. Officials have learned a nearby tile drain is broken. The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office says since thursday morning the lake has drained 2 to 4 feet and there have been reports of the sore line growing 10 feet out. The drainage tile is tied into a system that ties into a ditch north of Swan Lake. The sheriff’s office says that’s where the lake has been draining too. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and county staff are working together to seal the drain. Authorities say the hole itself is creating a trench that is 12 to 14 inches wide. As of midwweek, it was more than 10 feet deep.