Sleepy Eye man accused in death of an infant 09 Jan 18

A 44-year-old Sleepy Eye man facing murder and manslaughter charges is scheduled to be arraigned in Brown County District Court today. Charges were filed against Jose Isabel Rodriguez-Limones on January 8th according to a press release from the Brown County Attorney’s Office. Sleepy Eye Police received a call about an 11-week old infant who was taken to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis after it was seen at the Sleepy Eye Medical Center on January 2nd. The infant presented with seizures and was found to have extensive subdural hemorrhage and brain injury. The findings were highly concerning of child abuse. The infant was placed on a 72-hour protective hold. During the investigation it was reported that the infants mother went to work January 1st and left the infant in the care of Rodriguez-Limones who was living with her and the infant. Rodriguez-Limones was taken into custody on suspicion of first-degree assault by Minneapolis police after the infant stopped breathing and died on January 7th.