North Mankato Council to hold tobacco public hearing 15 Jan 18

The North Mankato City Council will hold a public hearing to propose raising the tobacco purchase age to 21. The public hearing will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday night to discuss the ordinance. It appears the majority of the North Mankato City Council supports the proposal although it is unclear whether the Mankato City Council will vote the same. Local officials say the ordinance needs to pass both cities to ensure tobacco sellers won’t lose customers to the other side of the Minnesota River. Edina, St. Louis Park, Bloomington and Plymouth have passed similar ordinances in Minnesota. 

  • Skip Murray

    Where is the mention of the 10 cities, 1 township, and 1 county that did NOT make Tobacco 21 happen in 2017? Becker County, Southbend Twp., and the cities of Detroit Lakes, Frazee, Perham, Hutchinson, St. Cloud, St. Peter, Eagle Bend, Elk River, Robbinsdale, and Burnsville remain at 18 – respecting that an adult is an adult & and we don’t take away the rights of 1 group of people in order to hope to prevent another group of people from accessing legal adult products.

    Leaving the age at 18 allows adults who want to quit smoking access to vapor technology. Vaping products have been proven to be an amazing form of Tobacco Harm Reduction because it is 95% safer than combustible tobacco products. Vaping also has the highest success rate of any products to help people quit smoking and not relapse back to smoking. It is more successful than nicotine patches & gum, and prescriptions! Vaping has also proven to NOT be a gateway to smoking. Thanks to this amazing technology we are seeing all time lows in youth and adult smoking and cancer rates are beginning to drop. There is NO tobacco in vapor products.