Truman City Council hears report on incident at Aardvark’s Bar 10 Nov 17

At a recent Truman City Council meeting, Police Chief Justin Jobe told councilors that an ambulance was dispatched to Aardvark’s Bar regarding a female patron in distress. The patron was extremely intoxicated and her condition required the ambulance to use lights and sirens all the way to the Fairmont hospital emergency room. Jobe told councilors that staff stated that the patron had been served a drink 25 minutes before the ambulance was called. Jobe also reported to councilors that one of the EMT’s on scene reported that one of the bar’s owners, also intoxicated, made an inappropriate remark to the EMT. Jobe also reported that the department has been reciving complaints about staff allowing patrons to remain in the bar after closing hours. Councilors expressed concern over these incidents and asked Jobe to gather further information.