Officer Chad Zastrow – October Hometown Hero 12 Oct 17

860 AM KNUJ/SAM 107-3 and your New Ulm Hy Vee announce this month’s Hometown Hero:  Redwood Falls Police Officer Chad Zastrow. Chad recently was presented with a commendation for the way he lead a team in preventing an attempted suicide.  This past August, Officer Zastrow arrived on the scene and took control.  He established a perimeter and shortly afterward spoke with the subject and was able to calm the person and convinced him to lay down his weapons and come outside.  Zastrow eventually convinced him to voluntarily go to the Redwood Area Hospital for an evaluation and accompanied the subject to the hospital to ensure he remained calm.    This potentially violent confrontation  had a peaceful conclusion.  Assisting officers and deputies on the scene felt Zastrow’s handling of the situation was outstanding and worthy of recognition.    


Our latest hometown hero: Redwood Falls police officer Chad Zastrow. He’ll receive a Hy Vee gift card and be honored at a luncheon next fall. 860AM KNUJ/SAM 107-3 and Hy Vee would like to acknowledge those in your community, neighborhood, organization that give the most precious gift-time to worthwhile causes, helping those less fortunate, rescuing efforts in an emergency situation . We welcome nominations from a 10 county area.  Get information at the service counter of your New Ulm Hy Vee,, or at the KNUJ/SAM 107-3 studios in New Ulm and Sleepy Eye. Help us share the stories of Hometown Heroes throughout the KNUJ/SAM 107 listening area.  

  • Teresa A. Tibbs

    Congratulations on a job well done! Good to know we have such competent and carrying officers protecting our city!