Mankato teacher resigns due to sex allegations 06 Oct 17

A Mankato teacher resigned after information that she had a sexual relationship with a student came to light. West High School Art Teacher Tessa Downs resigned Wednesday after the mother of the former student submitted new information about claims she made earlier to school officials and police that she believed downs had sex with her 18-year-old son. Minnesota law does not consider the relationship a crime since the student was an adult and police did not pursue charges. 

  • January Vold

    I believe this is a crime position of authority weather or not the school school believes she did it doesnt matter. I think that decission should of been left up to a judge to decide. This wasnt the first time a school was contacted about her spending to much time with young male students maybe if they would of prosued this they would have found out this isn’t the first time or first school. I believe this wasn’t pushed to hard cause her husband’s family and hers are well known in area, have businesses. So now she can go prey again on another young man and continue to have access to do so. No charges she free to teacher again.