Expansion completion of Highway 14 unclear following session 15 Jun 17

Initially the New Ulm to Nicollet and Dodge Center to Owatonna Highway 14 sections were included in the Senate’s bonding bill. But the earmarks were removed and the language governing the Corridors of Commerce was altered. State Representative for District 19B Clark Johnson thinks the language governing the Corridors of Commerce will hurt the expansion by making it adhere more to quantitative data making it harder to compete. But Senator John Jasinski of Faribault thinks the changes in data are more transparent. In exchange for taking the earmarks out of the bill, the allocation for Corridors of Commerce was increased to $50 million in cash over 2 years and $300 million in bonding over four years. The cash can pay for right-of-way acquisition. Representative Paul Torkelson of Hanska does not believe the language will hurt Highway 14′s chance to expand.