Hometown Hero – Stephanie Olson of Fairfax 10 May 17

860 AM KNUJ/SAM 107-3 and your New Ulm Hy Vee announce this month’s Hometown Hero: Stephanie Olson of Fairfax.  It started as a normal January day at Casey’s General Store in Fairfax for employee Stephanie Olson. A customer came in for lunch and was just getting ready to enjoy her food when she went into cardiac arrest.   Olson quickly made her way to the customer, removed her scarf, tried to open her airway and started doing compressions.  The woman was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital.   Authorities say because of the fast response at the store, the woman’s life was saved.   Olson was honored with the Coin of Excellence for her heroic actions .   

Our latest hometown hero:   Casey’s General Store in Fairfax employee Stephanie Olson.  She’ll receive a Hy Vee gift card and be honored at a luncheon this fall…    860AM KNUJ/SAM 107-3 and Hy Vee would like to acknowledge those in your community, neighborhood, organization that give the most precious gift, time to worthwhile causes, helping those less fortunate, rescuing efforts in an emergency situation .    We welcome nominations from a 10 county area.  Get information at the service counter of your New Ulm Hy Vee, knuj.net, or at the KNUJ/SAM 107-3 studios in New Ulm and Sleepy Eye.     Help us share the stories of Hometown Heroes throughout the KNUJ/SAM 107 listening area.