New Ulm Council rejects settlement for liquor violation 19 Apr 17

The New Ulm City Council voted to reject a proposed settlement with a New Ulm restaurant regarding a third liquor license violation. In the past 36 months, Plaza Garibaldi has had two confirmed liquor citations involving the sale of alcohol to minors. On August 10th, the restaurant was allegedly involved in a third violation involving employee Mark Espinoza. He has been charged with the offense, but absconded before the trial date. The eateries attorney, Michael Boyle, submitted a proposal to the New Ulm City Council saying the restaurant would not contest the violation if the city agreed to cap the suspension of the liquor license at 10 days instead of 15 and the suspension could be completed by having no liquor sales on Monday and Tuesday beginning July 10th. The council unanimously voted to reject the proposal and hold a public hearing to determine sanctions on May 2nd.