An ice cream tip from Marlene Domeier 21 Apr 17

Hi Lisa heard  you a few minutes ago with Tom about ice cream.  There are so many kinds out there and most is not good has so many fillers in it when it melts you’ve got foam.

The BEST, the BEST ice cream is at Happy Joes New Ulm, they dip it themselves.  You could get a dish but you gotta have ice cream to take home, buy it by the pint, we get sometimes as many as 8 to 10 pints.  Over the holidays they had pumpkin pie that was good but it’s out of season.  I’m not nuts about French Silk, It’s pieces of broken up easter rabbits in vanilla, not too good, strawberry is ok, Praline is very good, Birthday Cake flavor is good for a change, their vanilla is excellent Anne my niece loves the chocolate.  We really need to restock our freezer.  They are happy if you are buying a lot to give them a little time to get the order ready.???


You can just get an ice cream cone as well…….enjoy, marlene