March Hometown Hero – Officer Kenny Peterson 08 Mar 17

860 AM KNUJ/SAM 107.3 and your New Ulm Hy Vee announce this month’s Hometown Hero: GFW School Resource Officer Kenny Peterson.  On the job since March 2016 , he’s finding ways to connect with students. During the winter months, he spends time at the middle school in Fairfax playing dodge ball with the kids. He’s participated in floor hockey and badminton at the high school in Winthrop and spends time with the kids at the elementary school in Gibbon.  Peterson’s other projects at GFW include:  the group -Students Against Destructive Decisions and this spring working on a Trapshooting League.  Peterson hopes the students see him as person and not just an authority figure.  He believes if connecting with kids keeps one student from choosing the wrong path than his job is well worth it. Our latest Hometown Hero: GFW School Resource Officer Kenny Peterson. Kenny will receive a Hy-Vee gift card and be honored at a luncheon this fall. 

860AM KNUJ/SAM 107-3 and Hy-Vee would like to acknowledge those in your community, neighborhood, organization that give the most precious gift-time to worthwhile causes, helping those less fortunate, rescuing efforts in an emergency situation.  We welcome nominations from a 10 county area.  Get information at the service counter of your New Ulm Hy Vee,, or at the KNUJ/SAM 107.3 studios in New Ulm and Sleepy Eye.  Help us share the stories of Hometown Heroes throughout the KNUJ/SAM 107.3 listening area.