Murder suspect makes court appearance in Renville County 22 Sep 15

Murder suspect Dwayne Case appeared for a hearing in Renville District Court in Olivia Friday. Twenty-eight-year-old Case is accused of murdering his girlfriend, 45-year-old Elizabeth Gregg of Morgan with a bow and arrow at a campsite near Franklin in June. He is charged with 2nd degree murder and in court Friday an omnibus hearing was set for October 1. He is being held on $1 million dollars unconditional bail. Prosecutors are going to seek a stiffer sentence for Case if he is convicted than currently recommended under state sentencing guidelines. To do so, they will need to conduct what is called a Blakely Hearing after he is convicted and present the jury with evidence that the murder contained circumstances of unusual cruelty or violence that deserves the upward departure. It is believed Case shot Gregg in the left side with a board-head arrow fired from a compound bow. Investigators found several notes that appear to be suicide notes. Case admitted writing the notes, but says he does not remember killing Gregg or shooting himself. Case was found in a tent suffering from a single gunshot wound to the head.