Child looking for owner of ring found in Delano 24 Jul 15

An 8-year-old boy is trying to find the owner of a type of Air Force ring he found in the dirt near Crow River in Delano last week. The military ring features a blue stone, an eagle with a shield on the side, the words United States Air Force engraved in the top and the roman numerals of 1947 when the air force was founded. Wyatt Groff said he saw something shimmering in the dirt, partially covered by mud. His parents have been helping him find the rightful owner. They contacted the local VFW and American Legion without luck. Next they put word out on social media and reached out to the United States Air Force Academy. Josten’s is the ring company that makes Super Bowl and class rings as well as rings for every branch of the U.S. Military. Josten’s representatives say they believe they can help find the owner of the ring. For now the ring is being kept in a safe place until someone steps forward and verifies the initials engraved on the inside.