Town Days – Winthrop Day Today 20 Jan 15

It’s Winthrop Day today (THU) on KNUJ as our 2014 Town Days Tour continues. Mike Lemmer is broadcasting from Eagle’s Landing in Winthrop this afternoon as we celebrate the community. Mike’s guests will include Winthrop Mayor Dave Trebelhorn, Chamber President Charlie Collins, Police Chief Karen Johnson, and more. We’ll also hear historical tidbits, business information, and good news on the community throughout the day. A total of 34 towns are being featured during the KNUJ Town Days Tour this year. Coming up later this week we will highlight Morgan & Franklin. A full schedule of the 2014 Town Days stops, as well as interviews and pictures from each town, can be found HERE.

  • Mike Lemmer

    Mike Lemmer broadcasting from Winthrop!
    Yay Town Days!
    Sorry I missed it :P