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– Green Isle is home to several large businesses. They include: Fahey Consignment, Latzke Trucking, Locher Brothers Distributing, and Wentzlaff Construction.

– The Green Isle Community School is one of the town’s largest employers.

Festivals & Events

– The people of Green Isle celebrate Oktoberfest every year during the 2nd weekend in September.

– The Green Isle Fire Department holds a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser every year. It typically takes place on the 1st Sunday in May.

– The people of Green Isle hold an annual “Community Night Out” every year near the end of the summer. The first such event took place in 2009. 



– The City of Green Isle has a population of approximately 430 people.

– The Mayor of Green Isle is Dale ZumBerge.

– 12-year-old Trevor Flannery from Green Isle was the 2010 State Champion Pedal-Puller. Trevor, who is the son of James and Kristine Flannery, won the title in Hutchinson by successfully pulling 375 pounds. He had won the National Pedal Pull Championship in 2007 as well.   



– The Village of Green Isle was incorporated in November of 1883. Green Isle didn’t become an official city until 1974.

– The area around Green Isle was settled by several families as early as 1855. The railroad came through in 1881.

– Green Isle is located in Sibley County at the intersection of Highways 5 and 25.

– Bodies of water close to Green Isle include a series of 3 lakes collectively called Mud Lakes, along Washington Lake and Shauer Lake. Near Green Isle there is also Silver Lake, High Island Creek, and the Minnesota River.

– The 1st mayor of Green Isle was Hugh D. Brown.

– The 1st baby born in the Village of Green Isle was James O’Meara.

– The Green Isle Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1888 and the 1st Fire Chief was Dennis Neavin.

– The 1st school in Green Isle was built in 1885. It was a 4-room frame building.

– The 1st church in Green Isle was built in 1865.

– Green Isle had a total of 4 grain elevators and 1 sawmill during the period of 1885 to 1905.

– Green Isle was named after The Emerald Isle — Ireland. Its logo is “A Bit Of Ireland.

– The Green Isle Irish baseball team baseball team has made 18 State Tournament appearances since 1972, and has won the championship 10 times, including in 2003.