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– Gaylord shares a school district with the communities of Arlington and Green Isle to form Sibley East. Their mascot is the Wolverine. The elementary school is in Gaylord.

– The City of Gaylord has a very food-based manufacturing sector. Some of the major companies in Gaylord that deal with food products include: Michaels Foods, which deals mostly with eggs. The company is one of the leading US producers of shell eggs and value-added egg products (frozen, liquid, pre-cooked, dried). It has other operations, but eggs account for 70% of its sales.

– The City of Gaylord is also home to Wakefield Pork, a successful pork production business. Wakefield Pork was named a Pork Powerhouse, they were number 15 out of the 20 largest pork producers in the U.S. (total sows).

– The largest employer in Gaylord is MG Walbaum, a division of Crystal Foods. They deal in eggs like many other Gaylord businesses.

– Gaylord is also home to Uni-Door Manufacturing.


Festivals & Events

– Every summer, the residents of Gaylord celebrate the egg. “EGGSTRAVAGANZA” is the annual 3-day celebration of the food product that means so much to Gaylord’s economy. The festival features numerous events, including games, music, food and drink, and the crowing of Miss Gaylord. There are eggs as well. Eggstravaganza takes place the 2nd weekend of August every year.


– The City of Gaylord has a population of approximately 2,300 people. The Mayor is Don Boeder.

– A few years ago the residents of Gaylord approved a referendum to build a new Aquatic Center by a 2-1 margin. The Gaylord Area Aquatic Center includes a wading pool and lap pool with a slide and diving boards as well as a bathhouse with locker rooms and other amenities.

– The Gaylord City Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. The park has hosted special events since around the turn of the 20th Century, when it was known as “The Grove.” It now includes a pavilion, a dance hall built in 1916, a 1940 band shell, picnic shelters, civic monuments, a WPA-era bridge and culvert, a Veterans Memorial that was erected in 2000, a baseball park, and the many trees that have been planted over the years.

– A paved trail was constructed on the east end of Gaylord in 2012. The $375,000 trail loops around the city’s stormwater pond and travels along Lincoln Avenue. A grant covered approximately 80% of the construction costs.

– The Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce held its “Spring Fling” banquet in April of 2013, and the chamber’s annual Community Service Award was presented to Chuck Klimmek. Along with being involved in attracting new businesses to Gaylord through his work on the city’s Economic Development Authority, Klimmek also heads up a committee preparing to revitalize the community’s downtown. Klimmek is also active with his church and the Gaylord Ambassador Program. The Gaylord Chamber’s Outstanding Young Leaders Award was presented to the community’s royalty during the Spring Fling Banquet as well. Royal Ambassadors Katherine Templin, Morgan Setterman, and AShley Templin were honored for promoting the City of Gaylord on a weekly basis.

– Gaylord held its annual Eggstravaganza celebration in August of 2013, and new royalty was crowned as part of the festivities. Miss Gaylord 2013 was Sibley East High School student Melissa Otto. The other Gaylord royalty candidates included Sibley East students Cassandra Hanson and Samantha Acevedo.

– Santa Claus was in the City of Gaylord in December 2013 as part of the annual “Santa Day” festivities. Santa Day is sponsored by the Gaylord Chamber of Commerce and the Gaylord Library.



– The City of Gaylord was founded in 1876.

– Elections were held and the village of Gaylord was incorporated in 1883.

– Gaylord is the county seat of Sibley County. It is located on Highways 19 and 22.

– Lake Titloe is in Gaylord. A smaller lake, Mud Lake, is just out of town.

– Gaylord was originally an early Indian settlement. It became a railroad town after the 1st white settlers came to the area in 1860. The town was founded in 1876.

– A commonly-used trail to the Dakota Territory passed through the future site of Gaylord in the 1850s.

– The surveyors named the site after E.W. Gaylord after determining that the name Maasville, after Alfred Maas was too long.

– At one time, Gaylord and Henderson were at odds over which city would become the county seat. Gaylord won.