Comfrey Day, February 4, 2016 27 Jan 15


– The Comfrey School District employs many people in town. They are the Rockets.

– Two of Comfrey’s businesses that are important to the surrounding area are Harvestland Co-Op and Clements Lumber. They play a key economic role in the agriculture and construction industries.


Festivals & Events

– Comfrey’s big summer event is called Comfrey Community Days. It features an ice cream social, lots of local entertainment, a tractor pull, raffles, a street dance, softball tournaments, and lots of other fun events. Comfrey Community Days is held in June.

– The various service groups in the Comfrey area, such as the Lions, the Legion, and the Legion Auxiliary, hold numerous pancake feeds throughout the year. Rarely a month goes by when you can’t get some pancakes in the community of Comfrey.



– The Mayor of Comfrey is Gary Richter.  The population is around 400.


– Comfrey High School students named their Homecoming Royalty in September of 2015. Crowned Homecoming King was Riley Kerkhoff, and named Homecoming Queen was Alexis Schouvieller.



– The City of Comfrey was founded in 1899 by the Chicago Northwestern Railroad.

– Comfrey is located, for the most part, in Brown County. There are few homes in Comfrey that are technically located in Cottonwood County.

– Highway 258 runs through Comfrey. The Cottonwood River and Mound Creek Dam are near town.

– The town of Comfrey was founded when the Chicago Northwestern Railroad purchased one-quarter section of land from C-J Holm in 1899. Postman and farmer AW Pederson moved the post office to the new town site to be near the railroad. He named the town “Comfrey” after a plant that grew abundantly in the area.

– Comfrey’s weekly newspaper is the Comfrey Times. It was 1st published in the year 1900.

– The City of Comfrey was devastated by a tornado in March of 1998. Over two thirds of the buildings in town were destroyed, but the community pulled together and rebuilt the town better than ever before.

– A famous Comfrey native is the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Glenn Taylor.