Mankato Drug Death Ruled Murder 18 Jul 14

Seventeen-year-old Trace Hafner of Blue Earth will face a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend, 17-year old Chloe Moses of Mankato. The girl died after taking a synthetic drug on March 7th, that the boy told police he and Moses thought was LSD.  A motion seeking to have the murder charge thrown out for lack of probable cause was rejected in court this week. Investigators say the drug was 25C-NBOMe, known as n-bomb on the street, a powerful synthetic drug that is sometimes sold as LSD or cocaine.  In a separate incident, 22-year-old Louis Folson-Hart of Mankato died on March 5th after taking the same synthetic drug, a week before Moses’ death. Two men face murder charges in his death, 22-year-old Tyler Anthony Caputo and 30-year-old James Luke Inman, both of Mankato.