Highway 14 money allocated 01 Jul 14

The U.S Highway 14 Partnership has learned that $1.5 million of $6.5 million appropriated for the Corridors of Commerce Program will be used to purchase Highway 14 right of way between Owatonna and Dodge Center.  The Partnership is hopeful that this right of way funding will open the door for other opportunities to advance the expansion of Highway 14.  Along the unfinished segments of Highway 14, estimates show that $25 – 28 million in right of way is needed between Owatonna and Dodge Center and $16 – 19 million needed for Nicollet to New Ulm Right of Way.  The 2014 Legislature passed $25 million in Corridors of Commerce funding for fiscal year 2015.  MnDOT expects that project selection to be announced this fall.