Flooded Highway 93 Opening Soon 12 Jul 14

Construction is underway on the flood-damaged portion of Highway 93 between Henderson and Highway 169, with the goal of opening the roadway to traffic next week. The main highway into Henderson was closed on June 19th after major flooding on the Minnesota River. Local Minnesota Department of Transportation Spokesperson Rebecca Arndt says that the flooding in that area was so significant that it washed away a hundred foot chunk of pavement and a thousand feet of shoulder was lost too. Crews have been doing debris removal since the water receded last week, and continue to clean and clear trees. Chard Tiling and Excavating has been hired under an emergency contract to rebuild the portions of roadbed and shoulder that were washed away in the flooding. Highway 19 from Henderson to Highway 169 remains closed following the flooding, and Mn/DOT engineers are working on designs to stabilize the areas where there were major mud slides.