Waseca School Attack Court Date 19 Jun 14

The 17-year-old Waseca boy accused of planning to kill his family and attack students at his school made an appearance in court Wednesday. John LaDue is facing 12 felony charges, including 4 counts of attempted 1st-degree murder. Authorities reported finding bomb-making materials in a storage locker in Waseca and guns, ammunition, and pressure-cooker bombs were also allegedly found in LaDue’s home. Investigators say a detailed journal was also found at LaDue’s home that reportedly confirmed his plans, but the judge today ordered that the evidence be temporarily sealed to prevent the tainting of a jury pool. LaDue has denied planning any attack, and public defender Dawn Johnson wants the charges against him dismissed for lack of probable cause. Three explosive devices were found on the playground at Waseca’s Hartley Elementary School in March. Two of them were found detonated, and a third explosive failed to ignite. LaDue has been held in a juvenile detention facility since his arrest. The process of determining whether he should be tried as an adult is also underway, and a hearing will be held on that matter on July 30th.