Raw Milk Farmer In Court Wednesday 12 Jun 14

A Sibley County judge on Wednesday dismissed a violation of probation charge against a Gibbon area farmer who had pleaded guilty to selling raw milk. Michael Hartmann had violated his probation by transporting unpasteurized milk to sell in the Twin Cities. Under state law raw milk can only be sold on the farm where it’s produced, but Hartmann argued that he has a constitutional right to sell the milk, and on Wednesday Judge Erica MacDonald ruled that no consequence was needed for the violation of Hartmann’s plea deal. The case is still ongoing with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, but Hartmann says that Wednesday’s ruling was a victory in his eyes. He had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor violations of the state food and dairy code as part of the 2012 plea deal, and was put on probation and fined over $500. In 2010 state health officials had said that more than a dozen people got sick after consuming Hartmann’s raw milk products also. He eventually pleaded guilty to charges stemming from that E. coli outbreak.

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    According to these 2 US government studies raw milk actually has a negative
    risk factor.

    1. Raw Milk Consumption among Patients with Non–Outbreak-related
    Enteric Infections, Minnesota, USA, 2001–2010 by Trisha J.
    Robinson, Joni M. Scheftel, and Kirk E. Smith

    An estimated 17.3% of raw milk consumers in Minnesota may have acquired
    an illness caused by 1 of these enteric pathogens during the 10-year
    study period. (That’s 1.7% per year.) or (1 in 59)


    2. About 48 million people (That’s 15% per year or 1 in 6 Americans) get
    sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die each year from
    foodborne diseases, according new estimates from the Centers for
    Disease Control and Prevention.


    When you look at these 2 studies you can see that the US Center for
    Disease Control has inadvertently demonstrated that people who drink
    pasteurized milk are 9 times more likely to contract a so called
    foodborne illness than people who drink raw milk. In other words raw
    milk prevents 1.3 million cases of foodborne disease and 90 deaths
    every year in the US.