Nat’l Guard New Ulm Employer Day 24 Jun 14

Around 2 dozen residents of New Ulm flew on an Army Chinook helicopter to Camp Ripley near Little Falls on Monday for the Minnesota National Guard’s New Ulm Employer Day. Those participating got to observe local area soldiers in the field during their 2-week annual training, and learn how those skills translate to the workplace. Parker Hannifin of New Ulm Human Resources Director Carsa Spaude says it was a very educational day as an employer. New Ulm Employer Day activities at Camp Ripley included firing field artillery Howitzers, observing the field command in action, learning all of the various support roles essential to military manuvers, “enjoying” Army MRE’s for lunch, and learning how the National Guard needs the support of private sector employers. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a soldier click HERE.