Local Small City Development Grants 04 Jun 14

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has announced that over $17-million in Small Cities Development Program grants has been awarded to 35 communities in Greater Minnesota. Grants being awarded to communities in the local area include: $613,000 to Clara City for owner-occupied and rental housing rehabilitation and commercial building rehabilitation; $600,000 to Sacred Heart for the replacement of water distribution lines; nearly $488,000 to Jeffers for housing rehabilitation; almost $891,000 to Mountain Lake for housing rehabilitation and construction of a well and water line; nearly $741,000 to the City of Tracy for housing rehabilitation and construction of a mechanical wastewater treatment facility; $262,000 for rental housing rehabilitation  in Arlington; $598,000 for building rehabilitation in Gaylord; $576,000 to Lewisville for improvements to water distribution lines and rehabilitation of a water tower; and over $678,000 to Vernon Center for building rehabilitation.