Judge Issues Marktplatz Mall Ruling 11 Jun 14

Brown County Judge Robert Docherty on Monday ruled in favor of Marktplatz Mall Co-Owner Randy Danielson in the three-year civil lawsuit between the owners of the New Ulm mall. The northern side of the mall is owned by a company called New Ulm Retail and Development, which filed a lawsuit against Danielson in March of 2012. Danielson owns the southern half of the mall, and his business, SEK Financial, owns the mortgage on the northern half. New Ulm Retail and Development alleged that Danielson was giving inaccurate accounting on the total owed on the mortgage, and of the company’s rent payments. Danielson denied the charges, and the judge ruled that he is owed over $945,000 for the mortgage and more than $111,000 in attorney fees. Judge Docherty cited New Ulm Retail and Development’s failure to appear for the lawsuit’s trial in late May, and their failure to present support evidence, and all of the complaints against Danielson were dismissed. Danielson is now reportedly looking into selling the entire mall. He is also still facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing equipment from New Ulm Retail and Development’s staff.