Sherburn Man Stalking Sentence 07 May 14

A Sherburn man who pleaded guilty to felony stalking has been sentenced to 60 days in jail and 5 years of supervised probation for the crime. 34-year-old Jason Mark Kennedy had been accused of dropping his pants and exposing himself to a neighbor while living in Madelia, along with constantly texting the woman and watching her through his window. He had initially been charged with 2 counts of stalking as well as indecent exposure, but pleaded guilty to the one count of stalking the day before his trial was set to start in April. He was sentenced Tuesday. In addition to the jail and probation time, Kennedy was also fined over $1,500, will be required to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation, may not possess pornographic material, and may have no contact with the victim. Kennedy has a long list of previous convictions for other crimes, including several similar incidents, which had a bearing on his sentencing on Tuesday.