Second Arrest In Mankato Assault 14 May 14

Former MSU football player Isaac Kolstad remains in critical condition following an attack early Sunday in the bar district in downtown Mankato, and a second suspect in his assault has now been taken into custody. Former Gopher Quarterback Philip Nelson has been released from the Blue Earth County Jail on $20,000 bail after being charged with first and third degree assault Monday. His attorney, Jim Flerming claims that Nelson was not the agressor in the incident, and the other suspect threw the debilitating blow. Authorities say that Nelson was upset after a bouncer tried to kiss his girlfriend, and there was a heated argument with Kolstad, who allegedly punched Nelson in the back and knocked him to the ground before he was knocked out by the second suspect, 21-year-old Trevor Stenner Shelley of St. Peter. After Kolstad was allegedly knocked out by Shelley, surveillance video apparently shows Nelson kicking Kolstad at least once in the head. Doctors say he may not survive. Shelley is in custody with assault charges pending. Nelson had transferred to Rutgers University from the U-of-M, but has now been dismissed from that school’s football program.