Political Party Conventions Coming 27 May 14

Politically active Minnesotans are getting ready for this weekend’s state party conventions: Democrats are in Duluth while Republicans are in Rochester. Republicans are set to choose their candidate for U.S. Senate on Friday in Rochester.  Five candidates are vying for their party’s nod.  Balloting for the GOP endorsement for Minnesota governor is set for Saturday and five major candidates are in the running in that race also.  Democrats will have a much easier time of it at their state convention in Duluth.  Governor Mark Dayton didn’t seek the DFL endorsement at the party convention when he was running for his first term four years ago, but he’ll get the nod the second time around on Saturday afternoon. And it’s expected Democrats right after that will also endorse Senator Al Franken in his bid for another term. The filing period for anyone interested in running for public office remains open through June 3rd. Primary elections in Minnesota will then take place in August, and Election Day is November 4th.