Play it Again Sam 08 May 14

Twins Talk Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones

Play it Again Sam

I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far from outfielder Sam Fuld, who has temporarily replaced Aaron Hicks in center field. Hicks has been out with concussion-type symptoms after crashing into the wall last week.

Sam Fuld may be seeing some additional playing time.

Fuld is fast and sure-handed. He covers a lot of real estate in the outfield. Although he has been hitting in the low .200s, his hits have been timely.  As much as I’d like to see Hicks succeed, I’ve always flinched when he was up to bat or a ball was hit toward him. I feel more confident the Twins will record an out when a ball is hit toward Fuld, and that he has a better chance of getting on when he comes up to bat.      

The Twins picked up Sam after the Oakland A’s put him on waivers. From what I’ve heard, the A’s had wanted to keep Sam, but with their pitching needs, they couldn’t afford to have five outfielders on their roster. When the Twins claimed him, they were in Tampa Bay playing the Rays, Fuld’s team from 2011-13. On the day he came over, he told it was a little strange going to the visitors’ locker room. “It feels strange and great,” Fuld said. “It’s kind of a crazy day, because it’s my first day with the Twins, so I’m meeting lots of new teammates, but also seeing a lot of familiar faces, too. It’s my first time I’ve played here as an opposing player. So it’s strange but I’m enjoying it.”

If Hicks continues to struggle upon his return, and Fuld continues to hustle, he may see a lot more playing time.

Aaron Hicks has been struggling at the plate.

Fogarty Hits a Home Run

The Twins commissioned artist Terry Fogarty to create a painting celebrating the 2014 All-Star Game.  They are now selling this limited-edition print, depicting two children raising the flag before their All-Star Game, while the other kids are lined up for our National Anthem. I personally love this piece and its theme, which portrays kids at the Little League field rather than adults at Target Field. It reminds me that baseball is just a game.

All of the proceeds from the sales of this patriotic and nostalgic work of art go to the Twins Community Fund. Fogarty is seasoned, talented, and a very original artist, but this piece tends to have shades of Rockwell in it – and that is not a bad thing; it is an honor. The children are all different, and their jerseys represent every team in the majors, just as Little League shirts would at an All-Star Game. The two boys hoisting the American Flag are wearing Twins jerseys, with one boy having Minnie on his sleeve and the other wearing Paul on his. Not one kid has a perfect fitting pair of baseball pants…they are all kind of rag-tag, which makes this even more realistic. The Minneapolis skyline is shown in the background adds a nice, local flavor.

There were 600 11-inch x 50-inch prints made and 30 18-inch x 80-inch prints, and no more will ever be printed again. The 11” X 50”s are going for $230, and the canvas size 18” X 80”s are priced at $1400, and each one is hand-signed by Fogarty himself. This Fogarty print is perfect for anyone who loves baseball, kids, or collecting nostalgic works of art.