MN Push To Increase Speed Limits 27 May 14

Motorists could soon be free to legally drive faster than 55 miles-per-hour on more of Minnesota’s two-lane state highways. State lawmakers have nudged transportation officials to boost the speed limit to 60 miles-per-hour on lane miles where it can “reasonably and safely” be done. By 2019, traffic engineers must examine every mile of road with a 55 mile-per-hour limit and determine if it is prudent to go higher. There are nearly 68-hundred miles on two-lane/two-way state highways now covered by a 55 mile-per-hour limit. Officials figure they’ll get through about one-fifth per year. Proponents say drivers are already going 60 on wide-open stretches and doing so safely. But others argue that same self-allowance will push speeds well beyond 60 and pose safety hazards.