Eagle Lake Child Pornography Plea 14 May 14

An Eagle Lake businessman facing numerous felony charges after authorities raided his home last year has pleaded guilty to several charges. American Barnwood co-owner Scott Michael Schaible had been charged with possession of drugs and child pornography, as well as receiving stolen property, insurance fraud, theft, and falsely reporting a crime. Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force agents searching his home allegedly found around 5-pounds of marijuana, as well as items that had been reported stolen from around the area, including around $13,000 worth of property that Schaible himself had reported stolen. Officers searching his home computer for evidence in the drug investigation then apparently discovered several child pornography downloads. Schaible has now reportedly pleaded guilty to 5th-degree drug possession and 6 counts of possession of child pornography, and the other charges will be dismissed. His sentencing is scheduled for July 7th.

  • sophieends

    I wish people would find out the truth before publishing stupid false information that defies a person’s character! !! Maybe KNUJ should have done a story as to why he is being set up vs being innocent! !!

  • TechKnoW

    There are a few things about your comment that disturbs me. Firstly, to think that the reporters are actually responsable for information put up is naive, this info is gathered by the police agencies involved and the information they give is brought to you by KNUJ not FOUND by them. Secondly HOW exactly would you have them find this truth you are talking about. By doing their own private investigation? Just how many private investigators do you expect to look into this one case to come to their own conclusions. And lastly your proposal that KNUJ run a story on if this is a frame job is ludicrous, unless you have some sort of proof. There is no reason to lambast a good news website for simply reporting the facts of a news story. And if you are worried about the court of public opinion you’ll have to stop the whole wide internet to get the information to come to a halt, it doesn’t work like that in this day and age.