Al Franken Talks Propane Shortage 02 May 14

Lawmakers with the US Senate Energy Committee convened a hearing Thursday to investigate the causes of this winter’s propane shortages.  Minnesota Senator Al Franken says it was caused by a “Confluence of events.” Minnesota turkey farmer John Zimmerman was scheduled to testify about the impact of the propane shortage on Minnesota, the state’s agriculture industry, and on his farm. Senator Franken will be in Winthrop this (FRI) morning to discuss the propane shortage as well. He is scheduled to be at the United Farmers Co-Op in Winthrop at 9:30am. Franken will also be at Jones Metal Products in Mankato at 11:30am to discuss his work to expand partnerships between businesses and colleges, and will then stop at Knewtson Soy Products in Good Thunder at 1pm today, where he will discuss the Renewable Energy for America Program in the new Farm Bill.