New Phone Scam Reported Locally 30 Apr 14

A new type of phone scam is being reported in our local area. Residents are receiving multiple phone calls from strange numbers they don’t know at all hours of the day and night. The calls have a recorded message telling the victim that they have received a fax call. They are instructed to push Number-2 on their phone if they don’t have a fax machine, but pushing that button transfers the call to a long distance toll charge line, and the scammers then collect the money that is generated from the long distance charges the victims receive. The scammers are apparently using automatic dialing machines to place the calls, meaning that the phone number that shows up on your Caller ID is randomly generated and not connected to the crime. Local phone companies are reportedly aware of this scam, and are asking anyone who has been a victim to lodge complaints with the FCC and Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.