House Passes Suplemental Budget 07 Apr 14

The Minnesota House passed a $332-million supplemental budget Thursday night. Local DFL State Representative Clark Johnson says the bill invests $92-million in our state’s grade schools and Higher Education, $91-million in Health and Human Services, $50-million in transportation, and $37-million on jobs and economic development. The bill passed the House on a 70-59 party-line vote. Local Republican Representative Paul Torkelson voted against the bill for several reasons, including a new recycling provision. The supplemental budget adjust the two-year, $39-billion state budget adopted last spring which led to a $1.2-billion surplus, half of which went to tax relief and a reserve fund. The Senate was expected to approve its budget plan today (MON), and both chambers would then have to work out the differences before sending a final bill to the governor.